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Hi, you've found my site! Puters 4 U!

Have you ever hired a computer technician and have them type all over your keyboard, maybe open it up and look inside. Then say it needs something, takes at least an hour working on it and then charges you an outrageous amount to say you need a new one? I have heard of techs who will not come in your door until you write a check to them! And then they never show you what they did to fix it or teach you how not to mess it up again?

Well, that's over now........   

My name is Barbara and I love computers! I want you to love your computer. It's hard when the thing doesn't work right. If you live in or near the Sonoma County, CA area, I might be able to help. I learned how to tear them down and build them up again. I can teach you to maintain it so it runs smoothly. The way it was meant to run. I can remove malware and viruses. I can reload your system and make it like the factory did when you bought it! I can fix your broken laptop screen for way less than the stores. I can set up your wireless home network!

       You can email me and leave a message with a description of the problem. I will get back to you within 24 hours and make an appt with you. Please be patient I do this weekends and evenings and get quite busy. I charge only $40 an hour and I will show you what the other geeks don't want to show you. That is: maintenance tips you can do to help your computer!

Why pay an arm and a leg or your first grandchild? I will teach you and save you big dollars! And:

"If I can't fix it, YOU don't pay!"

That's right! If I can't fix the problem, you don't pay me. Let's talk about it and see what might be wrong. If I'm willing to put an hour into it, what harm can it do for me to look at it?

Thanks for checking me out. Keep coming back for tips! Please submit your questions through the message board. I'll get to them as fast as I can. Or you can email me direct at .


Ps. Here are some websites that I go to for parts and advice: They have a great site for tips and gadgets. You should sign up for their newsletter. This site has loads of parts and gadgets for really great prices. Another great site for gadgets and electronics.

And one more... .  They have all kinds of fun stuff for less $$. Leo Notenboom is an excellent teacher. He has written page after page of helps that just about anyone can understand. Check out his site when you are having a problem! I do.

I found another tech site called Tech Republic.  Sign up for their newsletter and other fun computer stuff, like free downloads. I really like going to the forums and reading all the helps there. Its a technician's place for getting help from other technicians!

Also: If you refer me to someone and they pay me for my services, You get 1 hour FREE tech time! Just make sure they mention your name. Thanks!


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